Teacher Feature: Angela Theuerle on Hobbies


Teacher Feature: Angela Theuerle on Hobbies

I was asked to write a blog for the studio about what my hobbies are. I thought to myself, you want to know my hobbies?! Almost a month had past and I found myself doing everything and anything during quarantine, except write this blog. I believe it is safe to say that blogging is not a hobby of mine. I then received an e-mail from LNF’s Assistant Manager, Quinn, two weeks after the initial inquiry about how my blog is going. Lying in bed I sadly responded to her e-mail with, “nowhere. It has gone absolutely. nowhere.” 

Feeling slightly regretful, I emerged from the bedroom fully dressed and ready to go to LNF to record some online yoga classes for you, our beloved community members. First things first, breakfast! While making breakfast for my husband of nearly nine months, I continued to think about my hobbies. It seems quarantine has made me forget basic things about myself. However, I did not feel too discouraged since my whole life and the entire world feels a bit out of practice. 

I updated my husband on my assignment, smiled, and asked, “what are my hobbies?” He quick wittedly responded with, “snacks and naps, of course!!” We both started laughing uncontrollably.  He wasn’t wrong because I do enjoy both of these things and I did of course just emerge from bed after totally mastering Savasana. Yet, I find these things to be basic needs rather than hobbies. Also, not very fair since we are in quarantine and snacks and naps help me to get through the day. Seriously.

I guess you can say, I dug a bit deeper within myself by reading an old resume of mine! My hobbies were listed as, Yoga, meditation, event planning, cooking, travelling, and knitting. Ah-ha! That’s them, my hobbies.

All of these things have been a large part of my life for quite some time. I started doing yoga at Brock University to help get me through my studies in Psychology. It’s a journey that has been ongoing since 2007. Some of you may know that I initially was a member of Yoga By Sarah, dating back to 2009. I love so very much both then and now, yoga and meditation.  It changed my life and I am so grateful for this. I have been practicing daily every morning in my home, since quarantine and social distancing has begun. However, this does not compare to the several classes a day I am accustomed to teaching. I truly do miss each of your faces and souls. 

Knitting is a self-taught skill that I began during the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, as a smoking replacement. Yes, I know, I used to smoke cigarettes. So, gross. Let’s chalk it up to I was a stressed-out university student, with little insight to self-care. I was nineteen after all. Being a retired competitive figure skater, I recall watching a variety of skating programs, while learning to cast on, cast off, knit, and pearl. I made a white scarf that I still have to this date. Since then, I knit anything and everything! And, I smoke nothing. Blankets, hats, mittens, Christmas ornaments, stuffed animals, pillow cases, hair bands are to name just a few. 

Party planning and hosting gatherings is another thing I love to do. I absolutely love cooking large meals, baking goodies, decorating my home, and opening my doors to my most near and dear. My parties hold a reputation of having the best food, ambiance, music, and fun! I have held many themed parties and I cannot wait to plan my next big bash once quarantine and social distancing has been lifted. In fact, I declared this exact thing in a text message to my friends a few days prior to writing this blog. The message stated, “once this is over with I am having the biggest party yet.” My girlfriend’s responses read, “thank god, this is the best news of the day, and Yes! I cannot wait.”

Travelling is also another love of mine. I love exploring the world, submerging myself in other cultures, and visiting friends & family across the globe. I have been to many countries such as Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Panama, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and so on. Australia is my favourite since my brother and his children live there. And yes, I did practice yoga in each of these countries. My most memorable time was doing yoga while in South Korea. The teacher of course spoke Korean, it was hilarious since I couldn’t understand anything, but I did what I could on my mat. This memory still makes me giggle and smile to date. 

Just as quarantine was put into place, I had a trip booked for my mother in March. The plan was a weekend getaway in Atlantic City for spa, fine dining, and an evening with Michael Bublé. Since, that was cancelled I have a wack-load of credits with various airlines and Ticketmaster. Another thing I look forward to rebooking with my Mom once this is over with. 

 I guess I always have known my hobbies, but so many of them have been directly affected by COVID-19. Listing the things I love to do and not being able to do them ache my heart quite a bit. But the silver lining in it is that, I have been spending more time with my husband, my dog, and my three cats. I also have been playing online games with my friends and family. Beyond that, I have been engaging in lots of artistic activities that I did as a child and teen. Without knowing it until writing it now, I had revisited my past hobbies. I have been knitting, painting, colouring, and drawing quite a bit. All of which have made me feel empowered, relaxed, and centered.

So, there it is, my hobbies. Thanks for reading and discovering little more about me.  

With love and gratitude. 


Angela Theuerle (pronounced thur-rell) lol.