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“Come beautiful, come broken, come as you are, you are welcome here.”

Lost ‘n Found Yoga is an inclusive, welcoming community for everyone with a large multi-room studio at the Grantham Plaza in St. Catharines.  We offer beginner yoga classes for those who have never tried yoga before, and advanced classes and workshops for experienced practitioners that want to go deeper in their practice.

With over 100+ yoga and Pilates classes offered every week, there is always a class ready for you to try.  Our students come from all walks of life, from on-the-go working moms to retirees of all ages with time for multiple classes each day.  Whether you want to stay in shape, de-stress, work on yourself, connect with others or simply relax, you are welcome in our community at Lost ‘n Found Yoga.

Niagara's Premier Yoga Studio

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Pre-Registered Yoga & Pilates Sessions

Intro to Reformer Pilates

5 week sessions beginning in March

This 5 week session will introduce you to the Reformer. You will learn the basics of Reformer Pilates so that you get the most out of your practice. These classes are designed to make sure that you learn how to set up use the Reformer safely. You will also be introduced to props that may be used during Reformer classes. These session help you find your own correct postural alignment and teach you the very basics of how to move in a way to maximize the benefits of the Reformer.  Held at our St. Catharines location at the Grantham Plaza. All clients wishing to participate in other Reformer group classes must complete this 5 week Intro to Reformer series or have 3 private one hour sessions with one of our Pilates Instructors. Intro to Reformer 5 week session: $99 +HST

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Fundamental/Beginner Mat Pilates

7-week sessions May 1 - June 19

Fundamental/Beginner Mat Pilates – Learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates method and its basic exercises. Improve your strength, posture and flexibility.  Everyone-from the “unfit” to the high performance athlete can benefit from this class. This class is offered on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm from May 1 – June 19. 55 minutes 7 week session – 1x weekly: $148.75…

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Yoga for Beginners

8 week session May 2 - June 22

Are you new to yoga?  This is the perfect class for you! Each week we’ll progressively build your knowledge base and you’ll learn proper form, alignment and modifications. After this course, you’ll be ready to comfortably and safely join our Hatha yoga classes on our Drop-In Schedule. Don’t worry about how flexible, strong or fit you are – come as…

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Yoga for Tweens & Teens

8 week session May 3 - June 21

Yoga helps tweens and teens build the groundwork to live a healthy lifestyle in a safe and non-competitive space. It is a perfect compliment to their busy academic and extracurricular schedule, connecting them with others and themselves in a fun and nurturing environment, all while promoting physical activity, mindfulness, and coordination. Note: if your child is outside of the age…

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The late Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and journalist, spent a good part of his career traveling the globe, sharing meals with people from all walks of life. He famously stated, “Food may not be the answer to world peace but it’s a start.” As we wrestle with the social isolation…

The Principles of Practice with Amanda Tripp: ‘Satya’

The second principle of yoga practice is ‘Satya’ or truthfulness. (If you missed the intro to the first principle,scroll back to last week’s post on Ahimsa). The root word ‘Sat’ means something like ‘that which is’. So, practicing Satya means practicing being with things as they are – in your…

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