Reintroducing Aerial Yoga at Lost ‘n Found Yoga

August 4, 2022

We are considering reintroducing Aerial Yoga classes if there is enough interest to support them. However, since Satya (our previous Aerial room) has now been modified for our Reformer Pilates and Physiotherapy program, we would need to install new beams and hardware in Lotus, one of our other upstairs studio rooms. Unfortunately COVID has increased costs for these materials tremendously and due to the high cost of this installation we will need a commitment from our Aerial Yoga community in order to move ahead.

To make this financially viable, Aerial Yoga classes will no longer be part of our regular drop-in schedule. We considered running these classes as part of our 8-week pre-registered sessions, but we know that students still want as much flexibility as possible because of everyone’s busy schedule. Therefore, we have decided to offer an “Aerial Flex Pass” that will be used for Aerial Yoga classes. Here are the pricing options for these passes:

  • 1 Aerial Drop-in Class: $30
  • 5 Aerial Drop-in Classes: $125 (5 week expiry beginning with attendance at first Aerial class)
  • 10 Aerial Drop-in Classes: $199 (3 month expiry beginning with attendance at first Aerial class)

Our proposed schedule for these classes is Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Fridays at 5:30pm.

Because of the high costs of installation, we need to have at least some of the funds raised before we commit to this large expense and to restarting the program. The minimum we need to get started is $8,000 (the full cost is much higher), so we are going to treat this a little bit like a Kickstarter campaign. Once we have sold $8,000 in Aerial Flex Passes we will order the materials, install the beams and begin the program. If there is lots of interest this could happen as early as September, but if there is not sufficient interest by December 31, 2022 then we will choose not to move forward with the program and we will refund all Aerial Flex Pass purchases in full.

You help us reach our goal to restart the Aerial Yoga program by purchasing any of the Aerial Flex Pass options shown above. Of course, the 10 class option is the best value, and the 3-month expiry date won’t begin until the pass is used for the first time. Therefore, students can purchase more than one of these 10-class options to help get to our $8,000 minimum goal sooner, and the class passes will stay on their account without the expiry date being a concern.

Please click on the links below to purchase a class Aerial Flex Pass and help us get started. We look forward to flying above your mat with you again soon!