Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates

Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates Program

Have weeks (or months) of staying inside, hunched over a computer screen, moving less than you should got you feeling “pain” of the Ontario shut-down? Then perhaps it’s time to try out our Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates program and get moving!

Physiotherapy is a recognized essential healthcare service and is governed by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. The college sets strict requirements for operating safely during COVID-19 for the safety of both our patients and staff.

Why Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates?

Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates is an excellent way to treat pain, injuries, stiffness or soreness, and is a path to regaining lost mobility due to these conditions. The Reformer is a unique, low impact modality that is amazing for targeting specific muscle imbalances and weaknesses in a gentle, yet very effective manner. Many patients in our program have seen dramatic changes in their bodies, often after just a few sessions.

How does the Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates program work?

Here is how the program works: New patients begin by being referred to Leigh de Groot, our Registered Physiotherapist partner, for an initial assessment. This assessment can take place either at Leigh’s home clinic in St. Davids or at our studio at Lost ‘n Found Yoga in St. Catharines. Leigh will develop a treatment plan, and patients will schedule regular weekly sessions with one of Reformer Pilates instructors at Lost ‘n Found Yoga. Each session is typically 25 minutes or 55 minutes in length, and Leigh manages each case and provides periodic follow-ups.

Are Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates sessions covered by my group insurance benefits?

YES! Most group benefit packages include coverage for Physiotherapy. We can directly bill many different insurance providers, including Green Shield, RBC, SSQ Financial Group, Blue Cross, CINUP, Chamber of Commerce, Cowan, Dejardains, First Canadian, Canada Life, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc, Johnson Group Inc, Manulife Financial, Maximum Benefit, SunLife Financial.

Some plans have 100% coverage with no maximum, while other plans might include a modest per-session patient co-pay or a maximum annual benefit. Most plans allow for direct billing from the provider to the insurer, while other plans require patients to pay up front and submit receipts for reimbursement.

If you are unsure if your plan offers Physiotherapy coverage, please review your Employee Benefits Guide, check with your Employee Benefits Administrator with your employer, or contact your insurer.

When can I book sessions?

In order to keep things running smoothly, we ask patients to commit to a regular weekly timeslot with the same instructor. If more frequent treatments are recommended by Leigh, patients can book 2 or even 3 regular timeslots each week.

We have times available during weekday daytimes and evenings, and even a few spots available on Saturday mornings.

Our availability is filling up very quickly, so if we don’t have a timeslot available for you that fits your schedule, you are welcome to go on a waitlist for when a spot opens up that works for you. We can also fit you in when we have cancelled appointments, so even if there isn’t a permanent spot ready for you right away, we should still be able to get you in soon!

How do I get started?

The first step is to book an appointment with Leigh for your initial assessment. You can do this by calling the studio at 905-682-4469, or e-mail our front desk at yoga@lostnfoundyoga.com. We will follow up to book an assessment time with Leigh for you, as well as to confirm a weekly timeslot for ongoing treatment sessions.

If you have ever thought about trying Reformer Pilates, this is an excellent opportunity to get started and get yourself moving again!

Meet Leigh de Groot

Leigh began her yoga journey in 2010, while completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at D’Youville College. Leigh has been a practicing Physiotherapist for 10 years.

Leigh is excited to be blending her Physiotherapy training with her love of yoga and Pilates to offer clients Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates at Lost ‘n Found Yoga. Leigh provides a hands-on assessment, treatment plan, manual therapy as needed, essential oil support as needed, ultrasound treatment as needed, and partners with the Lost ‘n Found Yoga certified instructors to provide treatments using Reformer Pilates.

Leigh is excited to meet you and help you on your journey towards increased strength, mobility and well-being!