Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Lost ‘n Found Yoga is excited to announce the introduction of our exciting new Comprehensive Pilates program, centred around Reformer Pilates group classes and private sessions. Reformer Pilates is a perfect complement to your yoga practice, as it focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility, injury rehabilitation and relieving chronic pain. Yoga practitioners will find that adding Reformer Pilates to their fitness repertoire will enhance their yoga practice through increases muscle tone, balance, and proper alignment.

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is was designed by Joseph Pilates. He initially designed the bed like reformer machine to help soldiers who were confined to their beds during World War 1 exercise and rehabilitate injuries.

The Reformer is an incredible piece of equipment that allows you to gain strength and mobility in a way that often isn’t accessible in mat based Pilates.  While mat based Pilates also aims to build strength, very often people struggle to recruit the muscles that need to be strengthened in order to improve overall strength and mobility. In most forms of exercises including mat Pilates, people recruit the muscles that they are used to recruiting which can create further muscle imbalances that lead to injury or reduced mobility. The Reformer, however, responds to your movements with such nuanced feedback that practitioners become aware of when they are and aren’t engaging the proper muscles in a way that often isn’t accessible in mat Pilates.  As Joseph Pilates once said “A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.”

The Reformer uses resistance through the use of springs that can be adjusted to target different muscles. There are a number of additional props used in conjunction with the Reformer which results in a large and varied number of exercises to work different muscles in different ways resulting in a more dynamic workout then one would find in a Pilates mat class.

The Reformer strengthens the entire body. Each exercise includes working on core strength and stability but Reformer exercises also strengthen arms, legs, shoulders, feet and ankles in addition to improving flexibility in these peripheral areas.  This makes the Reformer not only beneficial as a fitness tool but as a tool to enhance people’s performance in other sports and to improve overall well-being.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

There are numerous benefits to Reformer Pilates, including:

  • Increased Muscular Endurance

  • Increased Core Strength

  • Improved Posture

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Improved Breathing

  • Improved Athletic Performance

Reformer Pilates Group Classes

Reformer Pilates group classes at Lost ‘n Found Yoga have a small class size of up to 8 participants. Because of the individualized attention offered by our instructors and the nature of the equipment, all classes require pre-registered enrollment. All participants that are new to Reformer Pilates must begin with a 5-session “Intro to Reformer” series to learn the basics of the Reformer apparatus and how to safely utilize the equipment. Alternatively, individuals may choose 2 – 3 private 55-minute sessions with one of our Pilates Instructors.   Experienced users can choose from a variety of class types based on skill level and class focus. Please note that our class repertoire will expand as our client base expands to include classes such as Reformer for Back Care, Cardio Reformer and Reformer Sculpt.

Intro to Reformer

This 5 week session will introduce you to the Reformer. You will learn the basics of Reformer Pilates so that you get the most out of your practice. These classes are designed to make sure that you learn how to set up use the Reformer safely. You will also be introduced to props that may be used during Reformer classes.
These session help you find your own correct postural alignment and teach you the very basics of how to move in a way to maximize the benefits of the Reformer.
All clients wishing to participate in other Reformer group classes must complete this 5 week Intro to Reformer series or have 2 – 3 private one hour sessions with one of our Pilates Instructors.

Reformer Progressions

Reformer Progressions is the next step in your Reformer journey. In this class you will build on some of the basic movements and breathing techniques you learned in Intro to Reformer. You will become more aware of how to engage your core muscles as you start to learn how the centre of all movement comes from your core. You will start to notice a stronger core and a greater difference in your mobility.

Reformer Challenge

Reformer Challenge is the next step in your Reformer journey. In this class you will build on some of the movements and breathing techniques you learned in Intro to Reformer, and classes will become more challenging based on the capabilities of the participants. You will become more aware of how to engage your core muscles as you start to learn how the centre of all movement comes from your core. You will start to notice a stronger core and a greater difference in your mobility.
Reformer Challenge is an intermediate level class. If you do not have significant experience with the Reformer, please consult with the studio prior to registering for this class.

Intro to Reformer Class Schedule

Reformer Pilates Group Classes Schedule

Private Reformer Pilates Sessions

In addition to group classes, our Pilates instructors are available for private one-on-one sessions to give you individualized training and a customized therapeutic Pilates program for your specific needs. These sessions are a fantastic option for injury management and they are an excellent complement to ongoing chiropractic care and/or physiotherapy. Our trainers can assist you in working towards specific goals, such as increased strength, flexibility, or endurance.

Book a private Reformer Pilates session now by calling the studio at 905-682-4469.

Pilates Instructors

Haley Bucknall

Haley has always been an active person, from soccer to dance all the way to gymnastics. Haley has always found an outlet in working out or doing some kind of sport.
Haley has trained with Allison Kares at Movement Unlimited in her Comprehensive Pilates Instructor program. She is also a Yoga Instructor and is passionate about helping others find a healthier body and mind.

Heather Wallace

Heather began her fitness journey as a young teen, looking for a healthy outlet to spend her time she found yoga. However, after having a surgery several years later that left her feeling estranged in her own body she started practicing yoga. She first became a Yoga Instructor before pursuing her training to become a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor.

Her goal is to help others see their potential, and never to shy away from who they are. She loves to share this passion with others.

Diana Harpwood

Diana has been in love with movement since she was a young child when she began dancing. She danced her whole life eraning a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance. After this she became a Yoga Instructor and the went onto pursue her Pilates certification. Diana is passionate about helping people move and feel better through movement therapies.

Reformer Pilates Group Class Fees

  • 5-week “Intro to Reformer” series – $99
  • 4x/month (3 month minimum commitment) $129/month
  • 4x/month (12 month minimum commitment) $119/month
  • 8x/month (3 month minimum commitment) $229/month
  • 8x/month (12 month minimum commitment) $219/month
  • 12x/month (3 month minimum commitment) $299/month
  • 12x/month (12 month minimum commitment) $289/month
  • 10 Class Pass: $350 (3 month expiry from date of first class used)
  • Drop-in Pass: $38

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” – Joseph Pilates

Terms & Conditions

All Reformer Pilates sessions must be pre-paid before attending classes.

12 hours notice are required to cancel a Reformer Pilates class, and missed classes will not be refunded.

All prices are subject to HST.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Pilates Reformer is a Pilates exercise machine designed to help you strengthen your muscles and enhance your flexibility.

Performing Pilates exercises on the Pilates Reformer will strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles like no other workout can. The Reformer allows you to target those small stabilizing muscles that other workouts miss to give you that deep strength you’ve been looking for.

There are so many benefits. Here are a few:
1. Reduce muscular imbalances in your body
2. Improve posture
3. Improve athletic performance
4. Tone and strengthen your entire body without a grueling workout
5. Significantly reduce pain especially back pain that is associated with muscular imbalances in your body.

You will start to see benefits to your yoga practice after a few sessions. You will notice increased strength and endurance, not to mention, you will start to come into poses properly with correct alignment to reduce your risk of injury and maximize the benefits of the pose.

If you are brand new to using a reformer the first step is learning how to use one! You can do this by joining one of our 5 week Intro to Reformer Classes or book five 55 minute sessions with one of our Pilates instructors.

Next you can move into the Core Reformer for Beginners class and then eventually progress into Core Reformer and then into additional classes that will be offering as our clients progress in their Pilates journey such Back Care Reformer, Cardio Reformer and Cardio Sculpt.

Group classes are small with up to 8 individuals per class. This allows the instructor to give each student attention to ensure proper form. This is a great option to save money and extend your budget.

Private sessions are more expensive but will allow your instructor to zero in on your unique needs in a way that isn’t always possible in a group class. You could opt to do a mix of one group a week and one private a week.

That’s up to you! Once a week will definitely make a difference, twice a week will make a difference more quickly. Joseph Pilates, the founder of this method recommended three times a week but that isn’t always realistic for everyone. Even just once a week will make a difference.