Creative Namaskars

Do you sometimes get confused about which Sun and Moon Salutations are which? Do you get a bit stuck and lost when you are teaching these sequences? If the answer is yes then this training is for you! Expect to come out grounded in your understanding of the five main Namaskars and be able to use them as a trail guide so you don’t get lost again. Once the map is charted, this module will offer support to participants in finding their own unique Salutations that can affirm class themes, peak poses and intentions.

We will also take a brief exploration on the history of these beautiful sequences with ample time to explore breath inspired movements. This module will afford the opportunity to weave intentions for the the mind and the body through creative movement

Please note that this training can be taken independently or as part of our 300 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program. For more information on taking this module as part of our 300 hour program please email

The Investment

Join April and Nicky for this inspiring training:

March 22, 2024

6-9 pm and

March 23, 2024

9 am – 12:30 pm


See below to register or give us a call at (905) 682-4469.