Pre-Registered Class

Moving Well With Osteoporosis & Yoga for Arthritis

8-week sessions - date TBA

Moving Well With Osteoporosis (Tuesdays @ 11:15am – dates TBA)

This 8-week program will introduce you to the DOs and DONTs of exercising with osteoporosis. Each class involves and educational component, where you’ll learn a little bit about your anatomy and physiology – and why movement matters in osteoporosis management. Then we’ll take your new knowledge and put it into practice. This program will arm you with the knowledge

Over the course of our 8 weeks together, we’ll learn about the kinds of exercise you need in your daily movement diet. Yoga can help you improve flexibility, balance and increase postural awareness –which are key to decreasing your risk of a fracture. But there are some yoga poses that you may need to adapt, modify or skip altogether. In addition to yoga, I’ll also introduce you to strength training using bodyweight and resistance bands. And we’ll devote a significant amount of time to learning about ‘spine sparing’ strategies – what to do (and do less of) with your spine to decrease the risk of fractures. By the end of our time together, you’ll have a solid understanding of your safe movement parameters and you’ll have the ‘know how’ you need to make smart decisions for your bone health in any movement class and in everyday life.

This course is based on Osteoporosis Canada’s BoneFit™ program. Before registering, make sure that you have your doctor’s permission to practice, and confirm whether you have specific instructions about which movements to avoid. Amanda Tripp is a Registered Kinesiologist, a yoga teacher and is BoneFit™ certified through Osteoporosis Canada.

8-week session – $170 + HST


Yoga for Arthritis (Wednesdays @ 11:15am – dates TBA)

A group yoga class designed for people living with arthritic conditions and pain. Supported by research completed at Johns Hopkins University, this practice combines ancient yogic wisdom and sound biomechanical and physiological principles. Yoga for Arthritis has been shown to increase strength, flexibility and balance, and improve ability to relax and manage stress. Yoga can improve your overall quality of life by helping you breathe more efficiently, generate positive feelings, increase energy, and reduce the symptoms of many chronic disorders.

8-week session – $170 + HST