How Does the Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates Program Work?

Getting Started - The Physiotherapy Assessment

Patients entering our Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates Program are required to book a Physiotherapy assessment before beginning a treatment program. A comprehensive Physiotherapy assessment is conducted by a Registered Physiotherapist to help identify and understand any previous and/or current injuries or concerns.

The Physiotherapist identifies your body’s movement pattern, postural control, muscle strength and joint mobility and more. The Physiotherapist will create an individualized and specific exercise plan catered to optimizing healing and function.

Patients can book an assessment by using our online booking portal by clicking the “Book an Appointment” button below, by calling the studio at 905-682-4469 or by emailing us at

Working with a Physiotherapy Assistant

Depending on your specific treatment plan, the Physiotherapist may recommend follow up treatments directly with the Physiotherapist and/or regular exercise sessions facilitated by a Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA) working under the supervision of the Physiotherapist. If the Physiotherapist determines that Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates exercises are a recommended treatment modality for you, you will be able to book private sessions with a PTA for Reformer Pilates exercises.

Your Physiotherapist will make a recommendation for the frequency of these sessions. Many patients work with a PTA once or twice a week, although some patients sessions are recommended more or less frequently. Sessions are typically 25 minutes or 55 minutes in length, depending on your treatment plan.

Typically these sessions will be booked with the same PTA at the same day and time each week for whatever duration is recommended in your treatment plan. However, for patients with schedules that change from week to week there are options to book sessions at different times as well.

Periodic Reassessments

As you progress on your treatment plan while working with a PTA, you will have periodic reassessments with the Physiotherapist to check in on the progress towards your Physiotherapy goals, modify the treatment plan when appropriate, and to ensure that the plan is working as intended.

Most patients will have a reassessment roughly every 4 – 6 sessions, although depending on the nature of your treatment plan they might occur more frequently. Of course, the Physiotherapist is still responsible for your care throughout the time you are working with a PTA and you can always request an appointment with the Physiotherapist at any time.

What happens next?

There is no set length of time for an individual Physiotherapy treatment plan, as it will vary from person to person as everyone has different treatment goals. Once you have achieved the goals of your treatment plan the Physiotherapist will recommend that you are discharged from the Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates Program.

Many patients still want to participate in a Reformer Pilates exercise program once they are finished Physiotherapy, and there are lots of options to continue at Lost ‘n Found Yoga. Clients can work with Pilates Instructors 1-on-1 in private sessions or with multiple client in semi-private sessions. These sessions may be similar to the Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates sessions you did with a PTA, but there is no longer a treatment plan being followed and these types of sessions are not supervised by a Physiotherapist.

Other clients may wish to join a group Reformer Pilates class. These classes are less expensive than private sessions and include small groups of up to 6 students in each class. You can learn more at