Comprehensive Pilates and Physiotherapy Assistant

We’re Hiring!

Lost ‘n Found Yoga is a well-established and innovative movement studio in the Niagara Region. We are rapidly growing in the area of physiotherapy and Pilates. We are currently hiring a full-time Comprehensive Pilates Instructor with experience as a Physiotherapy Assistant.  

Who We Are

Lost ‘n Found Yoga was founded over 20 years ago under the name Yoga By Sarah and quickly became the leading studio for Yoga in Niagara. Six years ago the studio was purchased and subsequently renamed Lost ‘n Found Yoga. Since that time the studio has grown significantly to become a full-service Pilates studio and physiotherapy clinic as well as offering a movement-based mental health program. We are committed to providing quality, patient-centred care in a community environment that values accessibility and authenticity. We aim to make yoga and Pilates accessible to people from all walks of life. 

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for an experienced and fully certified Reformer Pilates instructor with a keen eye for rehabilitation.


  • Complete full Pilates-based assessment (unless already completed by a physiotherapist) for individual sessions
  • Review each client’s intake form for group sessions
  • When working under a physiotherapist, review and sign the physiotherapist’s assessment
  • Deliver Pilates to clients in both individual and group settings
  • Safely deliver exercises according to client needs in both group and individual settings
  • When working under a physiotherapist, follow the physiotherapist’s recommendations
  • SOAP note for each client in individual sessions with appropriate designation (PTA)
  • Visually inspect equipment before using it to ensure safety
  • Clean equipment after individual sessions and request clients clean equipment after group sessions (except Protocol where instructors need to ensure equipment is cleaned well after group classes).
  • Build studio revenue by promoting services and products where appropriate
  • Maintain 15 hours of CECs every two years
  • Record Keeping in compliance with the Record Keeping policy.
  • Minimum qualifications include a Comprehensively trained Pilates Teacher or equivalent as determined by the Physiotherapist
  • Must be trained pre-employment in the specific physiotherapy exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist(s) at the Studios.
  • The Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA) will work with the patient under the supervision of the Physiotherapist.
  • The PTA will adhere to the Treatment Plan devised by the PT. They will not add to the intensity of or change/add exercises without written approval from the PT. 
  • The PTA must stay within their scope of practice (using exercises they are trained in, only the exercises prescribed by the PT and use of ultrasound only as prescribed by PT). 
  • Maintain professional boundaries including avoiding dual relationships that may jeopardize the quality of care the patient receives and the integrity of the studio. Please see the following links for specific information:;;
  • The PTA must communicate to the PT any of the following: 
    • A new injury that is not in the treatment plan (note: if you are unable to connect with the Physiotherapist, you may continue but must avoid the newly injured body part).
    • Update on patient condition (better/worse/not improving as expected)
    • Numbness that persists even with position change (more than just a body part that ‘falls asleep’ after sitting on it)
    • The patient had a physio question that is outside of your scope
    • Patient expresses concern about their care or progress toward goals.               
  • If a patient is discharged from physiotherapy and continues with non-physio private sessions or group classes the PTA is released from the treatment plan and can develop their exercise plan with the client but should still follow guidelines laid out in the discharge plan to ensure the client is safe. 

Qualifications and Skills

  • Fully Certified Pilates Instructor in *all levels of mat work, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels
  • Ideally trained in rehab, prenatal, postnatal, injuries and special populations
  • Minimum 5+ years of teaching Pilates Reformer experience
  • Additional movement training and certifications are an asset
  • Energetic and motivating teaching style
  • Knowledge of physical therapy treatments, such as traction, ultrasound, taping
  • Strong computer skills that include web-based software
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, as working within a team and with other professions is required
  • Observation and assessment skills
  • Ability to communicate with a wide range of patients
  • Genuine desire to help others

To apply please email Lost ‘n Found Yoga at Only those being considered will be contacted.