All About Reformer Pilates


All About Reformer Pilates

Whether you’re a training athlete, coming back from a joint replacement, love to workout, or just love to work in the garden – Pilates done on the Reformer will be amazing for your body. The Reformer is a beautiful machine that works for everybody, and is a great addition to your everyday exercise routine. The Reformer’s unique design gives you the perfect balance between different and easy – the exercise may look simple, but when you are given the cues on where to place your body that’s when the body talks back!

Benefits of the Reformer Machine

One of the beauties of the Reformer is that it can identify weak or imbalanced movement patterns across the whole body, in all different directions. The exercises and movements then performed on the Reformer helps to teach your body better ways to move.

Reformer classes max out at only five participants, giving plenty of opportunity for hands on assists from your instructor to give you the best experience and to help you learn where your body is in space. Your instructor will also be teaching you how to use the various props used in class, such as the strap and springs. Props, along with hands on assists from your instructor will give the feedback necessary to keep your alignment healthy and safe.

Your brain may hurt after your initial class from all of the thinking you’ll have to do, but that helps with the cognitive/sensory system! Another beautiful benefit on the Reformer, because we all know that we need to keep the brain as strong as our bodies. All of the exercises done on the Reformer work with mobility, stability, strength, and improving spinal alignment. All of these done together keep the body happy and healthy.

Give it a try!

So, if you are someone who is finding that your body is having any pain, lack of strength and/or lack of mobility, give Reformer Pilates a try! You’ll notice after the first class how much your body will love it, and you!


Written by: Haley Bucknall


Lost ‘n Found offers a free 25-minute consultation with one of our instructors on the Reformer Machine – come in and give it a try!