Training Your Eye – Postural Analysis in Life and on the Mat

Join one of the most fun and engaging movement teachers around – Diana Harpwood – for this analytical yet creative workshop.

This course is designed to offer trainees a proficient understanding of the skeleton and bony landmarks to serve as reference points for position and alignment. Participants will use the above knowledge to complete static body scans in standing, seated, quadruped, side-lying, supine and prone body positions. Trainees will be given lots of opportunities to practice verbal and tactile cues with asana to explore optimal alignment for different bodies. obtain optimal alignment.

Participants will be taught the importance of spinal mobility and how this affects breath work, posture and intra-abdominal pressure. In addition, this module will instruct on the anatomy of the core and how to teach others how to engage their core effectively culminating with learning some basic core exercises that can help increase spinal mobility and core connection that they can incorporate into their yoga classes.

Please note that this training can be taken independently or as part of our 300 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program. For more information on taking this module as part of our 300 hour program please email april@lostnfoundyoga.com.

The Investment

Saturday January 28th 2023

9 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday January 29th 2023

9 am – 5:00 pm

$350+ hst

See below to register or give us a call at (905) 682-4469.